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June 18, 2024

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June 18, 2024



Dear Rich,

Thank you! We are extremely happy with our new home.

As you know, we had originally selected another builder. We had chosen one who had an exciting relationship with our architect that we felt would be beneficial to this ambitious project. Unfortunately though, we quickly fell behind schedule and things were not working out. Timelines and cost were both moving in the wrong direction.

As anyone could imagine, we were extremely frustrated and did not quite know what to do. We did not know if we could trust another builder or to stick it out with the one we had chosen. We were very nervous as to how our project was going to turn out.

This is the point in which we re-contacted you and we now know it was the best decision we could ever have made. You turned out to be exactly the type of builder we were looking for from the start:

  • Our project got back on schedule.
  • You did an excellent job managing all the different sub-contractors.
  • Workers were very professional doing a quality job.
  • Workers were courteous and considerate of neighbors who live only a few feet away.
  • You were very responsive to our needs and very good at returning calls.
  • You did an excellent job of keeping us informed as to progress during each phase of construction.
  • You immediately addressed anything that was incorrect.
  • You were flexible as we changed aspects of the house during construction.
  • You were pro-active in offering options, especially when it came to ways to save money (which I really appreciated).

Ultimately, you took our architects plans and built us a beautiful custom home. I am happy to write you this letter as thanks.

Best Regards,


Dear Mike,
This letter is to thank you for all your considerations to us when building our home.

You addressed all our concerns and work was completed on time.

We love our home and get many compliments on the structure and the layout of this plan.

We wanted to share our feeling with you.



Dear Rich,
The last thing my husband, Chuck, wanted to do in his lifetime was build a house. When we lost our house in a fire last August, we had no choice. Chuck anticipated a painstakingly miserable process where he would "lose it" at least once or twice aloing the way. I am very happy to say that our building experience with our was the farthest from that as possible (He didn't even "lose it" once!)

We were both impressed after our first meeting with you. You told us you were going to be on the building site every day, and not just to "check things out," but to actually get in there and do some work. We interviewed quite a few builders, and none of them could say that. The thing that impressed us even more was that it was true! You were there all the time, and you were always available to answer any of our questions and concerns. You, not some foreman assigned by a corporate office, built our house. The fact that you and Mike get personally involved in building your houses makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of home that Battisti Brothers builds. There aren't too many builders out there who can say the same.

I'll never forget what Chuck said you told him when you were discussing how the concrete floor in our garage was to be poured. Chuck had done all kinds of research to determine the best way to do it and the best materials to be used. When he told you his specifications, you told him that was exactly what you had planned on doing. It was your standard. You explained that you wouldn't want anything less for your own house, so that's the way you were going to do ours. To me, that is the perfect example of the quality workmanship you receive when you build with Battisti.

We found you through a recommendation of a friend, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. What a great experience, and what an incredible home you built for us!

Thank you,

Tina and Chuck

Tina and Chuck

Dear Mike and Rich,

When we met in Novemebr 2008, I never would have guessed that our working relationship would culminate over a year later. As with any rural development project, we expected some unforefseen problems, but not to the magnitude that did occur. Thankfully, your many years of building experience, creativity, willinginess and ability to listen, honesty, integrity, and patience (which in my opinion, are the foundation that your business is built upon) are the reasons we now have a remarkable new home.

In the three months that we have lived here, we have come to appreciate the quality of the work that went into building it. From our perspective, both of you and all of your contractors listened to what we had envisioned and then, with your own creative juices, created our dream home.

Thank you for making our dream a reality.


Donna Galloway and Markus Spaker

Donna Galloway and Markus Spaker

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