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June 18, 2024

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June 18, 2024

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To a child, a construction site can be a wonderland of monster trucks, big dirt piles and an infinite menagerie of things to hammer. Little did Michael and Richard Battisti know at the time, while their grandfather was giving them rides on the bulldozer, he was laying the foundation for a life in the home construction business. As third generation home builders, Mike and Rich have fond memories of following their grandfather around on the construction site. He taught them the trade through hands on experience and over the years, the brothers learned valuable lessons. While he was providing them with the skills and knowledge to build fine, well constructed homes, he instilled in them the qualities it takes to earn and keep a good reputation.

While the Battisti Brothers were taught new home construction from the ground up, it has not caused them to embrace just old fashion ways. They are progressive in their building practices, using the most up-to-date materials and technology. They strive to build the safest, strongest and most cost-effective homes possible. This is accomplished by ensuring that each customer understands every step of the building process. By taking extra time to ensure that you are comfortable with your selections, and that you have been given a variety of options so you can be an active participant in the building of your custom dream home.

Mike and Rich also believe in customer satisfaction. They are a company that adds a personal touch to the home building process. In addition to the excellent detailing and amenities their homes offer, the Battisti Brothers always make sure they are accessible to their customers and spend the majority of their time on the job site. This extra attention to finishing touches and customer service, gives Battisti Brothers Development, Inc. an impeccable reputation within the community. When customers move into their new homes they feel they haven't built a new home, but made two new friends. It is Battisti's business practice to deliver affordable, quality built homes to customers who will come back and build with them again and again. The Battisti Brother's motto is: "We build homes in communities, not houses in subdivisions." Enhanced quality craftsmanship integrated with meticulous details is a prerequisite for the construction of every Battisti Brothers home. Spacious functional floor plans, along with the customer's personal touches help make a Battisti Brother home memorable and breathtaking.

Once settled into your new home, rest assured that the excellent customer service will continue. Battisti Brothers Development will ensure that you continue to be a satisfied costumer. A majority of our business comes from customer referrals and repeat customers.


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